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36 The Journal of Commerce | August 20 2018 Top Global Container Ports Special Report the impact of unpredictable import volumes coming through the port. "We have experienced periodic shortages and surpluses of chassis," he said. "Our membership expects this to continue as the IEPs [inter- modal equipment providers] contin- ue to wrestle with proper inventory levels, looking for the proverbial, 'sweet spot.'" Truckers are hurt by ocean carri- ers' reduction in free time allowances for demurrage and per diem sched- ules, which can "have a negative impact on all links in the chain," he said. In response, truckers scramble to evacuate to remove cargo from the terminal. "These loads then sit at BCO locations and create higher than normal utilization of chassis, which, in turn, creates a shortage as the loads await stripping," he said. JOC email: twitter: @HughRMorley1 "There is defi nitely time associated on the terminal today with chassis moves," he said. "I don't think there will be delays. I think that it will be a better chassis solution o dock. And there will be some benefi ts to that, of putting out a better product." Dave Thomas, MPA's deputy executive director, said the new depot is just one-eighth of a mile from the terminal, and the fact that the depot will be focused solely on chassis should improve service. For example, inspections for roadwor- thiness will be done in advance of the pickup, he said. Still, Thomas said, the port, similar to others around the country, believes that "at some point we have to go to an interoperable, open choice, gray, whatever you want to call it, [pool]. That's the arrange- ment to be able to get better chassis utilization and better service for truckers." The removal of chassis o the terminal is "a kind of fi rst step," in that direction, he said. Truckers questioned how much impact moving the chassis pool would have to improve service. Louis Campion, president and CEO of the Maryland Motor Truck Association, said truckers under- stand that the chassis depot reloca- tion is an e ort to manage growth, but added that "there are signifi cant concerns that this is only going to shift current on-terminal delays to an o -terminal site, that it will re- sult in additional truck movements that require further driver compen- sation, and will drive up the price of doing business at the port." Armand Patella, senior vice pres- ident of Picorp, a Baltimore-based intermodal equipment company, who is chairman of the truck asso- ciation's Intermodal Council, said he hopes the shift will help mitigate

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