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October 1 2018

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October 1 2018 | The Journal of Commerce 29 Cool Cargoes Cover Story Special Report est-growing services being o ered by cold chain providers, according to Rosenbusch. "Many of our members have "For food processors, they want consistency and standardization. And many feel that cold chain providers have customized KPIs to individual requests, making indus- trywide comparisons and standards di cult, if not impossible," the report said. "Customers want to be able to measure across the cold chain, not attempt to compare KPIs that are named the same thing, but contain di erent data points." JOC email: been doing transportation for a while. However, food manufactur- ers and retailers want to be more e cient. "Food companies want to fi gure out how to consolidate their loads into one location in order to have scheduled deliveries to retail DCs. They want solutions for trucking capacity challenges." The report also exposed areas that need improvement, Rosen- busch said, and reporting KPIs is an important one. JOC Events October 09 - 11 2018 Shenzhen, China October 29 - 30 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada October 22 - 24 2018 Oak Brook, Illinois December 11 - 12 2018 Newark, New Jersey Various dates and locations March 03 - 06 2019 Long Beach, California May 20 - 22 2019 Houston, Texas June 2019 "It's that core competency of maintaining temperature that is so important to make sure customers' brands are successful."

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