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October 29 2018

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42 The Journal of Commerce | October 29 2018 Transform : Leveraging Technology Special Report MOUNTING COSTS, EXACTING, time-sensitive customers, and a del- uge of data are accelerating the devel- opment of transportation technology, pushing shippers, logistics providers, and carriers out of their comfort zones and beyond legacy systems in use for decades. Speakers at proj- ect44's Transform 2018 Technology Executive Summit Sept. 12-13 in Chicago said it's no longer a question of whether to adopt technologies that automate supply chains, but how. "We have to manage data," said Elaine Singleton, vice president of supply chain at Technicolor, a Los An- geles-based fi rm that manufactures and distributes entertainment-related products, including DVDs. "That's how we survive and how we scale. It's all about simplifying processes, and letting people know how technology helps us meet customer expecta- tions." Businesses of all sorts, especially larger companies, fi nd legacy systems installed years ago can't help them scale operations to meet customer de- mands. In this era of rapid fulfi llment and high-touch customer service, they're "scrubbing" data, crunching numbers, and automating process- es to improve control over supply chains, especially when managing time. "We're very date- and time-sensi- tive due to the nature of our product," Singleton said. "We manufacture and distribute DVDs all the way from polycarbonate to the fi nished retail product, and we deliver to 9,500 retailers every week. When you're moving $1 million in freight in a truck, you have to have data and pro- cesses and make sure people are really well trained." "Innovation time" can't be carved out of working hours or put o until the weekend. Change occurs while goods and events are in motion, so The Transform 2018 Executive Technology Summit, sponsored by project44, brought more than 250 shipper, carrier and logistics professionals, and 43 speakers to Chicago for two days. The theme was how to leverage technology to transform supply chains, and how to keep up with rapid changes as logistics tec hnology evolves. This special report is based on original reporting from the conference by JOC senior editors William B. Cassidy and Eric Johnson. Adoption of new technology will determine who survives and who thrives in the next decade By William B. Cassidy Not just a test…

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