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January 7 2019

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Januar y 7 2019 | The Journal of Commerce 143 Classified 2019 ANNUAL REVIEW & OUTLOOK NOTICE WEBCASTS Notice of Open Tender for El Salvador Central America Poultry Export Quota, Inc. (CA-PEQ) Bids open: February 4, 2019 Bids due: February 8, 2019 Central America Poultry Export Quota, Inc. (CA-PEQ) invites bids for the right to ship U.S.-origin chicken leg quarters to El Salvador duty-free under a CAFTA tariff-rate quota granted by the Republic of El Salvador to the United States. The export item is chicken leg quarters, bone-in (HTS Nos. 0207.13.99B; 0207.14.99B; and 1602.32.00A referred to in the text of the CAFTA which correspond to SAC Nos. 0207.13.93; 0207.13.94; 0207.14.93; 0207.14.94; and 1602.32.10). The product must be imported into El Salvador on or before December 31, 2019. Certificates of Quota Allocation are being offered during this open tender for 1,652 metric tons in total. Any person or entity incorporated or domiciled, and with a legal address, in the United States is eligible to bid. Bids must be received by CA-PEQ not later than 5 p.m. (EST) on February 8, 2019. The minimum bid quantity is 1 metric ton; the minimum bid price is $22.04/ metric ton. Bids must be submitted in dollars and cents per metric ton. Bids should not be submitted in amounts that include fractions of a cent. If a bid is received in an amount that includes fractions of a cent, the administrator will ignore the fractions of a cent and consider only the amount that was bid in dollars and full cents. Performance security (the lesser of $50,000 or the total value of the bid) must be provided in conjunction with each bid. The Certificates of Quota Allocation will be awarded to the highest bidder(s). Bids must be submitted electronically at Fax or other forms of bids will not be accepted. Interested parties may obtain the required bid forms and bid instructions at: or by con- tacting the CA-PEQ Administrator, DTB Associates, LLP, 1101 15th Street, NW, Suite 202, Washington, DC 20005, U.S. Office phone (202) 684-2512, Fax. (202) 684-2234. Submission of a bid constitutes acceptance of all bid instructions and conditions. Central America Poultry Export Quota, Inc. (CA-PEQ) c/o DTB Associates, LLP 1101 15th Street, NW, Suite 202 Washington, DC 20005, USA Office phone: (202) 684-2512, Fax. (202) 684-2234 E-mail: – JOC0870 In-depth analysis of vital issues from the industry's most trusted source. SIGN UP TODAY Unlimited access to business-critical news and in-depth analysis on shippers- need-to-know. Make the go-to source for industry news and analysis for your organization or logistics department with our new enterprise licenses. Empower Your Team. 19036

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