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January 7 2019

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2019 Annual Review & Outlook 6 The Journal of Commerce | Januar y 7 2019 Voices of 2018 On being hit by unexpected bunker fuel increases "We're ship operators, not energy experts." — Pascal Hirn, vice president of North American Lines, CMA CGM On track-and-track technology "The ocean carrier part of the business is very conservative and, as such, changing mindsets is a very di icult thing." — Don Miller, vice president of global sales and marketing, Globe Tracker ApS On supply chain visibility "The definition of visibility is very unclear. It's di erent things to di erent people. And that's why it's become such a challenge." — Andrew Scott, entrepreneur helping Los Angeles with portwide logistics portal On labor stability "Beneficial cargo owners, including retailers, need the predictability and stability of operations at our nation's ports … Even the threat of a disruption can impact a supply chain." — Jonathan Gold, vice president of supply chain and customs, National Retail Federation On supply chain transparency "We urge more people to get around a common table and talk so all our needs can be understood and balanced." — Glyn Hughes, global head of cargo, International Air Transport Association On port reliability "Predictability, reliability, and velocity" are what BCOs demand and deserve. "We must be like Amazon. We must be like Tesla." — Mario Cordero, executive director, Port of Long Beach On port investment "I always say that demand creates the interest, but facilities close the deal. Our mission is to provide those facilities." — Brandy Christian, CEO, Port of New Orleans On imports of toys "We're doing things the same way as three to four years ago, but the environment is changing. I call it organized chaos." — Je Bergman, managing director, Toy Shippers Association. On instant price quotes "Pricing information is something you keep close to your heart, like in any industry. The worry is, 'we're going to let anyone go in and see your pricing? That's our bread and butter.' " — Toby Edwards, CEO, Shipa Freight On freight forwarders "As an industry, we have been shielded for quite some time from really radical change and disruption. But in my opinion, that time's up." — Jochen Thewes, CEO, DB Schenker On Brexit "Leaving the EU without a comprehensive multilateral deal on road transport and trade would be the worst possible outcome for the road transport industry." — Matthias Maedge, general delegate, International Road Transport Union On exports of plastic resins "We believe the Gulf Coast ports are a solution, we believe the West Coast ports are a solution, and we believe the East Coast ports are a solution." — Doug Craven, assistant vice president for industrial chemicals, Union Pacific Railroad

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