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September 30 2019

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September 30 2019 | The Journal of Commerce 3 Contents September 30 2019 • Vol 20 • Issue 20 Delivering Global Trade and Logistics Intelligence. Since 1827. The Journal of Commerce Departments 15 International Maritime Going with the flow The FMC will gauge detention and demurrage fairness on flow merits. Return lines Empty containers are the only peak season challenge at the LA-LB port complex. Missing the mark Technology solutions are not lining up with shipper needs. 28 Government Seismic shi A California bill is set to reshape the drayage landscape. 50 Surface Transportation Out of the mire A strong Q4 could pull US truckload rates out of the 'muddy middle.' Positive reinforcement UP nixes plan to fine trucks for missed appointments. Hurry up and wait Truckers report longer delays during pickup and delivery. Special Reports 18 Cool Cargoes A perishable market Trade uncertainty is impacting US reefer shippers. Cooling trend The USDA is expanding its in-transit cold treatment program. 30 Asia Shipping: Third Quarter Review and Outlook Communication breakdown Carriers are under fire over cuts in Asia-Europe capacity. An ominous omission The 2M Alliance's Asia-Europe service suspension signals a weak market. Priced out Hong Kong shippers are alarmed over rising logistics costs. Cascading competition Larger container lines are squeezing intra-Asia carriers. More for less China-Europe rail rates are falling as volumes rise. 46 Top 25 Trans-Pacific NVOCCs Sliding share NVOs are handling a lower percentage of US imports from Asia. 10 Cover Story Seeing through the fog Container carriers are giving shippers their first glimpse of looming low-sulfur fuel costs. Columns 4 A test of discipline By Mark Szakonyi 78 Disturbing the peace By Peter Tirschwell Every Issue 6 Spotlight 74 By the Numbers 76 Colin Barrett's Q&A 77 Classified Ads

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