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January 6 2020

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Januar y 7 2019 | The Journal of Commerce 143 Classified 2019 ANNUAL REVIEW & OUTLOOK NOTICE EVENTS AARQ Association for the Administration of Rice Quotas, Inc. NOTICE OF OPEN TENDER Independent bids are invited for rights to ship U.S.-origin milled rice to the European Union under a tariff-rate quota (TRQ) granted by the EU to the United States. Bids must be submitted on February 20, 2020 for the April 2020 TRQ Tranche, in which the following quantity is available: Volume (metric tons) EU Duty Semi-Milled or Milled Rice 19,360 zero (HTS item 1006.30) TRQ Certificates will be awarded to the highest bidder(s). Any person or entity incorporated or domiciled in the United States is eligible to bid. The minimum bid quantity is 18 metric tons. Performance security (the lesser of $50,000 or the total value of the bid) must be submitted with each bid. Potential bidders may obtain the required bid forms and bid instructions from: AARQ Administrator Economic Consulting Services, LLC 2001 L Street, NW, Suite 1000 Washington, D.C. 20036 Tel: (202) 466-1150 Fax: (202) 785-3330 N ote: Pote nt i a l b i d d e r s s h o u l d c o n s u l t re g u l at i o n s i n t h e O f f i c i a l J o u r na l of t h e European Union to determine the applicable tariff rate on semi-milled/milled rice. AARQ disclaims any responsibility for advising potential bidders on applicable tariff rates. Pote nt i a l b i d d e r s s h o u l d a l s o c o n s u l t EC re g u l at i o n s re l at i n g to te s t i n g fo r unauthorized GMOs. JOC0892 REPRINTS REPRINTS Remind. Refresh. Reinforce. Use the JOC Reprint Program to extend the marketing message of your ad or an article about your company! Reprints make great tradeshow hand-outs, sales collateral or press kit inserts. Both effective and affordable, reprints help you maximize your marketing presence! Call Alex Remstein now for a quote today! 646-679-3418 or LogTech20 29 Sept. – 1 Oct. 2020 | Las Vegas, NV 27 – 29 April 2020 | New Orleans, LA BREAKBULK & PROJECT CARGO CANADA TRADE 1 – 3 June 2020 | Toronto, ON El Dorado 1 – 4 March 2020 | Long Beach, CA El Dorado JOC Events A TPM20 Tech Experience 19 – 21 October 2020 | Chicago, IL INLAND DISTRIBUTION COMERCIO DE MÉXICO MEXICO TRADE 27 – 29 July 2020 | Mexico City, Mexico TPM20 1 – 4 March 2020 | Long Beach, CA To Advertise in The Journal Journal of Commerce Marketplace Directory contact ALEX REMSTEIN for information and rates 646-679-3418 or

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