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Page 4 of 31 TEXAS PORTS & LOGISTICS DIRECTORY 5 PORT PROFILES PORT COMMISSIONERS J.C. Melcher, Jr., Board Chair; Shields A. (Tony) Holladay, Sr, Board Secretary; Jasper (Jay) Cuellar, Member; Luis De La Garza, Member; Johnny J. Perez, Member; H. C. (Tony) Wehmeyer, Jr., Member PORT STAFF Charles R. Hausmann, CPA, Port Director Forrest E. Hawes, Deputy Port Director Earl S. Pattillo, Director, Operations David Knuckey, P.E., Director, Engineering Services Stephen Rodriguez, Maintenance Supervisor David Roberts, Port General Counsel PRIMARY CARGOES: INBOUND Liquid bulk petro-chemicals, dry bulk commodities PRIMARY CARGOES: OUTBOUND Refined petrochemicals, dry and breakbulk chemicals materials, natural gas condensate MAIN CHANNEL DEPTH Minimum 36 feet channel depth CARGO TERMINALS AND FACILITIES GENERAL CARGO FACILITIES: Port-Owned and Operated Cargo: breakbulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk Berths: 1 Length: 750 feet Depth: 36 feet LIQUID CARGO TERMINAL and MULTIPURPOSE DOCK: Port-Owned and Operated Cargo: Liquid bulk petro-chemical cargoes Berths: 2 Length: 1,100 feet Depth: 36 feet Facilities: Vapor recovery system, chemical firefighting system, spill containment and retrieval systems; three liquid bulk ship berths, six liquid cargo barge berths, one conveyor dock and one ship berth open dock, depth 30 feet DRY BULK MATERIALS DOCK: Port-Owned and Operated Berths 1; 700 feet Pet Coke and Limestone are principal materials OTHER PORT-OWNED BUSINESSES, SERVICES, FACILITIES, FTZ FOREIGN TRADE ZONE No. 155 operated by the port in conjunction with the Victoria Economic Development Corporation. OTHER PORT-AREA SERVICES Bunkers/Fuel; Chandlery; Crane Maintenance/ Repair; Environmental/Waste Services; Marine Equipment/Supplies; Oil Spill Response/Recovery; Towing and Tug Services; Warehousing-bonded FEDERAL CUSTOMS OFFICE US Customs, P.O. Box 1027, Corpus Christi TX 78403 Tel: 361-888-3353 ★ Port Corpus Christi P.O. Box 1541, Corpus Christi, TX 78403-1541 Tel: 361-882-5633, 800-580-7110 Fax: 361-882- 7110 PORT COMMISSIONERS Charles W Zahn Jr, Chairman; Richard Valls, Vice Chair; Catherine Tobin Hilliard, Secretary; David Engel, Commissioner; Wes Hoskins, Commissioner; Al Jones, Commissioner; Dr. Bryan Gulley, Commissioner PORT STAFF Sean Strawbridge, Chief Executive Officer Clark Robertson, Chief Operations Officer Kent Britton, Chief Financial Officer Omar Garcia, Chief External Affairs Officer Sam Esquivel, Director of Real Estate Services Jeff Pollack, Director, Planning Eddie Martinez, Business Development Manager PRIMARY CARGOES: INBOUND Crude, Gas Oil, Fuel Oil, Steel, Iron Ore, Aggregate, Barite, Wind Cargo PRIMARY CARGOES: OUTBOUND Pet Coke, HBI, Grains, Gasoline, Diesel, Gas Oil, Fuel Oil, Crude MAIN CHANNEL DEPTH 45 feet CARGO TERMINALS AND FACILITIES NORTHSIDE GENERAL CARGO TERMINAL: Docks 9 and 10 are ideal for projects, ro-ro, and other general and breakbulk cargoes. 122,000 square feet of covered storage, 48-foot-wide canopy over double rails tracks at Dock 9, dockside rail transfer capability, and 120 acres of open storage and industrial development area. SOUTHSIDE GENERAL CARGO TERMINAL: Docks 8 is the strongest open wharf on the Gulf of Mexico, and Docks 14 and 15 are ideal multipurpose cargo facilities with dockside covered storage, 23 acres of open storage, dockside rail transfer, and bagging facility and seed treating plant on-site. Ideal for heavy lift, ro-ro, breakbulk, containerized and other general cargo. BULK DOCK 1: Port owned. Rail served by BNSF, UP, KCS and Corpus Christi Terminal Railroad, this dock handles barite, coal, iron ore, DRI, minerals and other dry bulk commodities, and can be discharged directly from vessel to rail. BULK DOCK 2: Port owned. Rail served by BNSF, UP, KCS, and Corpus Christi Terminal Railroad, this dock handles coal, petroleum coke, and other dry bulk commodities that can be loaded directly to vessels from storage stockpiles, dump railcars and dump trucks. GRAIN TERMINAL: Operated and managed by ADM. LIQUID BULK DOCKS: Port Corpus Christi owns and operates 16 public oil docks with berths ranging from 246 feet to 1,000 feet with berth depths up to 45 feet. Port industries also operate 17 private oil docks handling a wide variety of petroleum and petrochemical products. OTHER PORT-OWNED BUSINESSES, SERVICES, FACILITIES, FTZ Foreign Trade Zone No. 122 (serving 6 counties); Rincon Industrial Park (located on north side of channel on a barge canal); Harbor Island (256 acres located near Gulf of Mexico, 45-ft draft); La Quinta Trade Gateway (1,100+ acre property by La Quinta Channel, 45-rft draft) OTHER PORT-AREA SERVICES Bunkers/Fuel; Chandlery; Crane Main/Repair; Dry Dock; Environmental/Waste Services; Marine Equipment/Supplies; Oil Spill Response & Recovery; Shipyard/Ship Repair; Towing/Tug Services; Warehousing-Bonded US CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION Walter De La Rosa, Port Director 9149 State Hwy 44, Corpus Christi, TX 78406 Tel: 361-879-4400 Fax: 361-265-0284 OVERSEAS SISTER/BROTHER OR AFFILIATED PORTS Port of St. Petersburg, Russia; Port of Veracruz, México; Port of Keelung, Taiwan; Port of Cortés, Honduras, Port of Santa Marta, Colombia; Tianjin Port Authority, China ★ Port Freeport 1100 Cherry Street, Freeport, TX 77541 Tel: 979-233-2667/800-362-5743 Fax: 979-233- 5625 PORT COMMISSIONERS Elected for 6-year terms: Shane Pirtle, Chairman; Paul Kresta, Vice Chairman; Rudy Santos, Secretary; John Hoss, Asst. Secretary; Ravi K. Singhania, Commissioner; Dan Croft, Commissioner PORT STAFF Phyllis Saathoff, Executive Port Director/CEO Rob Lowe, Director of Administration and Chief Financial Officer Jason Hull, Director of Engineering Jason Miura, Director of Business and Economic Development Al Durel, Director of Operations Chris Hogan, Director of Protective Services Mary Campus, Controller Mike Wilson, Director of Economic Development and Mobility Lauren McCormick, Public Affairs Manager PRIMARY CARGOES: INBOUND Agriculture products, project cargo, bulk aggregate, containerized goods, petrochemicals, crude oil, steel products, bulk chemicals, automobiles, and construction equipment PRIMARY CARGOES: OUTBOUND Bulk chemicals, containerized goods, automobiles, plastic resins, agricultural products, crude oil, liquified natural gas (LNG), and liquified petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas liquids (NGLs) MAIN CHANNEL DEPTH 46 feet CARGO TERMINALS AND FACILITIES PORT FREEPORT: Port-Owned; Cargo: General breakbulk; Berths: 5; Length: 2,800 feet; Berths: 1; Length 800 feet; Depth 46 feet; Rail Service; Dual tracks on waterfront apron berths 1, 1A and 2. New rail facilities with 21,000 lineqr feet of track. DOW CHEMICAL A-4: Operator: Dow Chemical Co.; Cargo: Caustiglycos, styrene, chlorinated solvents, epoxy resin, clycolethers, EDC, Amines; Berths: 1; Length: 705 feet; Depth: 35 feet; Limited Rail Service; Facilities: Air, potable water, nitrogen, dock crane, limited access by truck. DOW CHEMICAL A-8: Operator: Dow Chemical Co.; Cargo: PO, caustic styrene, cumene, benzene, EDC; Berths: 1; Length: 705 feet; Depth: 38 feet; Facilities: Air, water, potable water, nitrogen, dock crane, limited truck access. DOW CHEMICAL A-22: Operator: Dow Chemical Co.; Cargo: Multipurpose bulk liquid loading facility; Length 675 feet; Depth: Max. draft 45 feet. PHILLIPS 66 FREEPORT I TERMINAL: Operator: PHILLIPS 66.; Cargo: Multigrade; Berths: 3; Depth: Dock 2 and 3: 38 feet; Facilities: 820 ft x 140 ft draft, draft might be revised later if channel is

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