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6 TEXAS PORTS & LOGISTICS DIRECTORY TEXAS PORTS & LOGISTICS 2020–2021 2020–2021 dredged to desired dimensions. Dock No. 4 barge dock 17-ft draft. ENTERPRISE TERMINAL: Operator: Arco Pipe Line Co.; Cargo: Crude; Berths: 3; Facilities: 2 berths of 820 L x 140 beam x 42 ft. draft; 3 berths of 750 x 106 x 42 ft, maybe 810 x 106 x 42 on case by case; 1 berth 750 x 106 x 36 ft. 6 in. BASF AMMONIA TERMINAL - FREEPORT, TX: Operator: Lemm Corp.; Cargo: Anhydrous ammonia; Berths: 1; Length: 735 feet LOA; Depth: 29 feet. FREEPORT LNG TERMINAL - FREEPORT, TX: Freeport LNG, 3 LNG trains, 2 loading docks, depth 42 feet OTHER PORT-OWNED BUSINESSES, SERVICES, FACILITIES, FTZ Foreign Trade Zone No. 149: On port property adjacent to docks. OTHER PORT-AREA SERVICES Bunkers/Fuel; Warehousing-Bonded; Chandlery; Marine Equipment and Supplies; Oil Spill Response/ Recovery; Crane Maintenance/Repair; Shipyard/Ship Repair; Towing and Tug Services; Environmental/Waste Services FEDERAL CUSTOMS OFFICE US Customs and Border Protection, PO Box 2740, Freeport TX 77542-2740 OVERSEAS SISTER/BROTHER OR AFFILIATED PORTS Port of Chernomorsk, Russia; Port of Mogadishu, Somalia Port of Puerto Barrios, Guatemala Port of Limon, Costa Rica ★ Port of Galveston 123 Rosenberg Ave, Galveston, TX 77553 Tel: 409-765-9321 Fax: 409-766-6171 PORT COMMISSIONERS Board of Trustees, Appointed by the Galveston City Council: E.L. "Ted" O'Rourke, Chairman; Albert P. Shannon, Vice Chairman; Todd P. Sullivan, Trustee; Harry D. Maxwell, Jr., Trustee; James Yarbrough, Trustee; Richard DeVries, Trustee; Elizabeth Beeton, Trustee PORT STAFF Rodger Rees, CEO and Port Director Laura Camcioglu, Director, Administration Kenneth Campbell, Director, Public Safety Bill Dell, Cruise Terminal Manager Cristina Galego, Public Relations Manager Julio de Leon, Director, Mobility Brett Milutin, Director, Operations Mark Murchison, CFO Oscar Rodriguez, Construction and Maintenance Manager Jeffrey Thomas, Chief Engineer PRIMARY CARGOES: INBOUND Bulk Fertilizer; Bulk Liquids; Bananas, Melons, Pineapple and other Fresh Fruit; Roll-On/Roll-Off Cargoes including Agricultural Machinery, Construction Equipment, Vehicles and other Rolling Stock; Project Cargoes; Wind Turbine Towers and Blades; Household Goods and Personal Vehicles; Miscellaneous Containers F.A.K. PRIMARY CARGOES: OUTBOUND Bulk Grains; Bulk Liquids; General Cargoes, including Liner Board Paper; Miscellaneous Containers F.A.K.; Roll-On/Roll-Off Cargoes, including Agricultural Machinery, Construction Equipment, Heavy and Light Duty Trucks and other Passenger Vehicles and other Rolling Stock; High/Heavy and other Project Cargoes; Wind Turbine Blades; Livestock MAIN CHANNEL DEPTH 45 feet authorized depth CRUISE TERMINALS AND FACILITIES PIERS 23-29: TEXAS CRUISE SHIP TERMINALS ON GALVESTON ISLAND©SM: Port- Owned and Operated; 2 Berths, Length: 1,100 feet each; Depth: 30 feet; Facilities: Passenger Terminal No. 1: 257,657 square feet, Primary User; Carnival Cruise Lines/Carnival Corporation Brands; Passenger Terminal No. 2: 81,000 square feet, Primary User: Royal Caribbean International and Disney Cruise Line CARGO TERMINALS AND FACILITIES PIER 10 TERMINAL: Port-Owned; Terminal Operator: Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) Cargo: Roll-On/Roll-Off, Multiuse; Berths: 2, Total Length: 1,346; Depth: 40 feet; Rail Service; Truck Service; Facilities: On-Terminal Rail; Truck Loading Ramps; 38 Acres Terminal; 9.3 miles from Sea Buoy; Cargo Wash-Pad Facilities PIER 16/18: DEL MONTE FRESH PRODUCE TERMINAL: Port-Owned; Operator: Del Monte Fresh Produce, N.A., Inc.; Cargo: Bananas and other Refrigerated Fresh Fruit and Produce; Berths: 2, Total Length: 1,203 feet; Depth: 34 feet; Truck Service; Facilities: 8 acres Paved Backup Area, 59,750-square- foot refrigerated warehouse PIER 30-32: ADM GRAIN CO. EXPORT ELEVATOR: Operator: ADM Grain Company; Cargo: Bulk Grain, Primarily Wheat; Berths:1, Length: 1,000 feet; Depth: 45 feet; Rail Service; Truck Service; Facilities: 3,200,000-bushel storage capacity; Railcar Unloading Capacity of 1,600 MT per hr.; Vessel Loading Capacity of 2,000 MT per hr.; Grain Cleaning Available; Served by Class I Line-Haul Carriers BNSF Railway Co., Union Pacific Railroad and Kansas City Southern PIER 33-34 TERMINAL: Port-Owned / General Use; Berths: 1, Length: 570 feet; Depth 40 feet; Users: Rickmers Linie, Intermarine and other Carriers; Cargoes: Wind Turbine Towers, Blades and Related Equipment; Project Cargoes; Livestock; Miscellaneous Dry Bulk Products PIER 35-36: DRY BULK TERMINAL: Port-owned; Operator: CHS Inc.; Handling of Import Dry Bulk Cargoes; Berths: 1, Length: 642 feet; Depth: 40 feet; 2 Warehouses — 50,000-ton and 30,000-ton; 2 Shipside Gantry Cranes; Truck and Rail Served Pier 37 TERMINAL: Port-Owned / General Use; Berths: 1, Length: 1,150 feet; Depth 27 feet; Cargoes: Miscellaneous Containers, F.A.K.; Miscellaneous Dry Bulk Cargoes; 5 acres of marshalling area; 75,000-square-foot warehouse; Truck and Rail Served PIER 39-40 TERMINAL: Port-Owned / General Use; Berths: 1, Length: 787 ft.; Depth: 35 feet.; User - Höegh Autoliners; User- "K" Line Ro-Ro; User - NYK Line Ro-Ro; User - CSAV Ro-Ro; Cargoes: Roll-On/ Roll-Off, Automobiles, Agricultural and Construction Equipment, Rolling Stock, High/Heavy and Other Project Cargoes; 12 acres of marshalling area; ruck and rail served; 9 acres of upland marshalling Area PIER 41: Port-owned. Berth Length: 2,400 feet total; 7 acres of cargo laydown area. BULK LIQUID TERMINAL: Operator: Pelican Island Storage Terminal, Inc./ Galveston Terminals, Inc.; Export and Import of Liquid Bulk Cargoes. Also Supplies Bunkers and Diesel Fuels; Storage capacity of 1,807,500 Barrels of Bulk Commodity. Berths: 1 Ship Dock, Depth 40 feet and 1 Barge Dock; Location: Galveston Harbor on Pelican Island MARINE REPAIR FACILITY / SHIPYARD: Operator: Gulf Copper Drydock and Rig Repair; Vessel/ Rig Repair/Renovation; Location: Galveston Harbor on Pelican Island Berths: 9; Lengths: 697 feet-1,157 feet. Two Large Floating Dry-Docks OTHER PORT-OWNED BUSINESSES, SERVICES, FACILITIES, FTZ Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) No. 36: Located on Galveston Island and Pelican Island and Galveston County. This General Purpose Zone includes, but is not limited to, 850 acres undeveloped land on Pelican Island. FTZ No. 36 also includes a manufacturing sub- zone on Galveston Island operated by M-I SWACO. OTHER PORT-AREA SERVICES Bunkers/Fuel; Ship Chandlers; Crane Maintenance and Repair; Environmental/Waste Services; Marine Equip./Supplies; Oil Spill Response and Recovery; Shipyard/Ship Repair; Towing/Tug Services; Warehousing-Bonded FEDERAL CUSTOMS OFFICE US Customs and Border Protection (CBP): 601 Rosenberg, Galveston TX 77550. Tel: 409-766-3634 OVERSEAS SISTER/BROTHER OR AFFILIATED PORTS Niigata, Japan Veracruz, Mexico Stavanger, Norway Trivandrum, India Tamsui, Republic of China Armavir, Armenia ★ Port of Harlingen Authority 24633 Port Road, Harlingen, TX 78550 Tel: 956-423-0283 PORT COMMISSIONERS Alan Johnson, Chairman; Bryan Duffy, Secretary; Neil Haman, Commissioner PORT CONTACTS Walker Smith, Port Director Vanessa Grimaldo, Administrative Assistant PRIMARY CARGOES: INBOUND Automotive gasoline, diesel, refined petroleum products, ethanol, cement, aggregates, sand, liquid bulk, liquid fertilizer, dry fertilizer, agricultural products, cotton, raw sugar, general cargo, project cargo and break bulk cargo PRIMARY CARGOES: OUTBOUND Raw sugar, agricultural products, cotton, general cargo, project cargo and breakbulk cargo MAIN CHANNEL DEPTH 12 feet CARGO TERMINAL FACILITIES 650 feet concrete general cargo wharf 100-foot dry bulk wharf Two liquid bulk docks

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