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Page 33 of 39 and direct-to-consumer, all it takes is one bad experience, and you risk losing a customer," Kuriger said. "We've got to have 24-hour operations, we've got to be picking orders, and it's got to get out immediately. That means we'll do whatever is required, whether it's helping to load our parcel partners, like UPS and FedEx, or grabbing one of our trailers and bringing it to their facility if we have to," he said. More e-commerce and direct-to-consumer activity means more customer returns, too. "There's a lot more reverse logistics now," Kuriger said. "And that's something that you really need to incorporate into your suite of services. Not only are you required to get products out quickly, but you need to get them back quickly, and in good condition, because your customer may want to re-sell the product or at least recoup some of the costs." The reverse logistics piece is also a huge cost in e-commerce, "So, if you're only good at getting product to the customer, and not back, then you're not going to be successful in this business," he said. Kuriger emphasized Jillamy's reputation for best-in-class customer service: "That's been our company culture from the start. We have always provided best-in-class customer service, but now the focus is to additionally provide dynamic solutions to our customers to keep their supply chains moving." For its employees, the company provides free lunches, a brand-new office building with a fitness center, game room, and even a playground-style slide in the lobby. Community involvement is another hallmark of Jillamy's company culture. "We support a non-profit called APS (Associated Production Services)," Kuriger said. "They are one of the largest employers of disabled adults in Pennsylvania, and we employ their clients in our packaging sector. They love coming to work, and they get a great sense of self-worth by being employed and earning a paycheck. Jillamy always strives to be a great part of our community and enrich it in any way possible." The company's commitment to the communities it operates in (13 office locations and 18 warehouse locations around the US) is meaningful to its employees, "and makes them feel good about the company they work for," Kuriger said. Jillamy's focus on customer service and treating its employees well is paying off in the current market, which is experience rising freight volumes and a tightening labor market. "Right now, it's all about finding labor," Kuriger said. "You have to be a good company to attract good labor." In the logistics world today, the focus is on customized solutions for each customer, especially as trade, transportation, and distribution become increasingly complex. Therefore, logistics providers each have unique strengths, expertise, and business models, including those that are asset-based, non-asset based, or a hybrid. For an asset-based logistics provider, "there definitely is a certain level of investment required, long leases, real estate purchases, chassis and equipment purchases, truck and labor," Bill Parker, president of William Parker Associates and Associates Warehousing, said. Given that commitment, Parker said, "We have to deliver." Furthermore, "being an asset- based provider likewise helps us secure our customers," he said. Associates Warehousing operates three facilities in Philadelphia and one in South Jersey. The newest facility in South Philadelphia, which is also the biggest of the four facilities, opened in late 2020 and handles most of the food HEADQUARTERED IN PHILADELPHIA, 721 Logistics is a full-service, family-owned customs broker, freight forwarder, and global logistics provider committed to providing their employees with a cultural environment that is personally and professionally rewarding, taking care of clients as if they are second to none, while also embracing the role and responsibility of a good corporate citizen. Founded in 2012 by experienced logistics executives with over 50 years of combined industry experience, the company has become one of the fastest- growing businesses in the port. Always striving to exceed client expectations, 721 Logistics embraces their role as a valued partner and true extension of the client's organization, taking the time to understand their client's unique product and service requirements, making sure the smallest detail of every shipment is treated as if it's the most important detail, and caring for every shipment as if it's their own. Because importing into the USA is a right, not a privilege, they understand the importance of regulatory compliance and emphasize such with US Customs and Border Protection and other government agencies in order to keep merchandise moving through the supply chain. Large enough to handle any size importer, shipper, or consignee, 721 Logistics has the characteristics of a smaller and more nimble organization. These qualities shine through in 721's ability to leverage technology within their strategic global network footprint to deliver a service offering far greater than any larger forwarder — global solutions delivered personally, professionally, and representative of the way clients expect their brand to be recognized. From origin to destination, and points in between, 721 Logistics is an organization that works "goal time," not "clock time," always keeping the axiom "your money is our money" at the forefront of everything they do. n Global solutions personally delivered A SPECIAL ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT OF THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE 34 | May 24 2021 PHILADELPHIA TRADE & LOGISTICS

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