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September 2022 | The Journal of Commerce 23 A D V E R T I S I N G Breakbulk and Project Cargo Advertiser Spotlight Breakbulk & Project Cargo Intermodal Containers aking container procurement and management easy e radecorp roup as fi rst establised in and as ron to te lobal container supplier it is today. it a stron presence and ast container inentory in sia, radecorp maes or te ideal partner or your container reuirements in te larest sourcin reion in te orld. radecorp can supply rental or purcase options on all euipment types. e most common reuests or te proect loistics and breabul users are oneay leasin and uaranteed buybacs alon it te eneral leasin and purcase reuests. neay leasin and uaranteed buybacs are ere e proide te user it a exible leasin areement or a preapproed destination tis elps our clients eliminate i demurrae costs and any idden ees tat may arise. ur exible platorm assists our clients in orecastin teir proect costs more accurately and eliminates te need to plan or container disposals or to return te containers to te point o oriin. radecorp strateically as a ide array o ey euipment types in all maor sourcin locations around te orld, tereore enablin radecorp to uicly supply our clients as and en te reuirements arise. ypically, te common supply reuests rom our clients are at rac, open top, tan, rerierated, and dry containers. ne o te main departments eneratin te reatest benefi ts or our clients is te pecial roects iision . e ors closely it clients to desin, test, and manuacture ne container prototypes tat are specifi cally tailormade or teir business and tat are not currently aailable in te maret. it radecorp's tailor made desins, our clients are seein increased efi ciencies in teir businesses and loner asset liespans. lon it te prementioned benefi ts, our clients are also experiencin an increase in saety and a loer carbon ootprint. you ould lie to see o radecorp can benefi t your business, please isit our ebsite or more inormation and reac out to our mailbox to ae one o our experienced representaties al trou te discoery pase it you. The special advantage port e ort o an ieo is te nation's specialty caro ateay to te acifi c it reular trade routes to atin merica, urope, sia and beyond. e ourtlarest port in aliornia, e are located in an ieo ay it a natural, deepater arbor. it to caro terminals ere e specialie in andlin proect, container, breabul and rollonrollo caro, e ae te expertise and room to fi t your needs. e andle a ide rane o caro includin bas o ertilier and suar, indmill components, ermentin tans, turbines, eicles, and more. onenience is also ey. ur terminals are located close to reional reeays and eature ondoc lass rail serice. omin soon to te ort o an ieo are to all electric, batterysupported onecranes ottald eneration obile arbor ranes. it a total lit capacity o , e'll ae te iest lit capacity on te est oast it aster o oadin speeds. is acuisition is transormin o e do business and allos te est oast to andle caro preiously only andled by ul ports. lus, not only are te to cranes all electric, tey ill also andle caro moes to support arious electrifi cation proects trouout te outest, includin proect, solar, and ind poer. noter adantae is our desination as a orein rade one . ur is te only maritime access site in an ieo ounty oerin numerous benefi ts to businesses includin duty reduction and deerral, loistical benefi ts, and cost sains. aret caro types include breabul, proect, automotie parts, containers, and beeraes. ur orldclass inrastructure and serices combined it strateic location also enable us to sere an important role in ational eense. e are proud o our desination as a ommercial trateic eaport, one o in te nited tates. e ort o an ieo inites you to see y e ae te pecial dantae. ur dedicated team is committed to ettin your product moin rom sip to sore to its destination seamlessly and saely. ind out at our pecial dantae can do or you at portosandieo.orcaro.

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