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January 2 2023

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Januar y 2, 2023 | Journal of Commerce 101 EXECUTIVE COMMENTARY 2023 ANNUAL REVIEW & OUTLOOK Surface Transportation to improve safety. The National Roadway Safety Strategy Report highlights the challenges highway users face to improve safety — from urban to rural areas and from pedes- trians to trucks. The report outlines fi ve objectives to reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities: Safer People, Safer Roads, Safer Vehicles, Safer Speeds, and Post-Crash Care. At a recent ATA meeting, Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Robin Hutcheson spoke about the National Roadway Safety Strategy Report and issued a call to action for the trucking industry to join in with the Depart- ment of Transportation to implement this highway safety strategy. We would be wise to listen to Adminis- trator Hutcheson. In 2023, let's take the power of partnership with the Department of Transportation and the ATA to advance the objectives of the National Roadway Safety Strat- egy Report. JOC Class 8 heavy duty trucks will travel more than 500 million miles over the 160,000-mile National Highway System while transporting approxi- mately 30 million tons of freight. For the trucking industry, each mile and every delivery must have one thing in common: a total com- mitment to safety. As a vice chair of the American Trucking Associations (ATA), I have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the nation's largest and smallest carriers. I am continually impressed by the common thread that safety weaves through all elements and sectors of the trucking industry. Attend any ATA meeting and you will fi nd pas- sionate safety leaders who are deeply committed to the trucking industry leading the way with professional drivers on our nation's highways. In 2022, Secretary Pete Butti- gieg and his team at the Department of Transportation released what will be the blueprint for highway users consistent end-to-end supply chain operations needs to be our priority. The ancient Romans built cities of concrete and stone, but when Rome fell, the West took another thousand years to fi gure out how to do it again. We can't forget how: the nation needs us to get this right again. Now. YRC Worldwide Darren Hawkins CEO The size and scope of the trucking industry in the United States still amaze me, even after three decades of working in freight transportation. On a daily basis, "In 2022, Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his team at the Department of Transportation released what will be the blueprint for highway users to improve safety." Darren Hawkins

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