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January 2 2023

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6 Journal of Commerce | J anuar y 2, 2023 Echoing into 2023 On US truckload rate volatility: "Equilibrium just is not a natural state for our industry. This volatility is part of logistics capitalism." —Mark Yeager, president, Redwood Logistics "Last year, you managed truckload spot for survival; this year, you manage spot for opportunity." —Ben Cubitt, senior vice president of procurement and engineering, Uber Freight On the potential for disruption during US West Coast longshore labor negotiations: "It is on folks' radar, and they are asking, 'Do you need to be pushing inventories and managing your supply chain around the possibility of a disruption…and will there be less capacity? And how do you get ahead of that curve?'" —J.J. Schickel, CEO, Omni Logistics On when US imports will rebound: "Right now, it is impossible to predict when [the next cargo surge] is going to happen." —Lars Jensen, CEO, Vespucci Maritime On giving shippers labor certainty amid US West Coast longshore contract talks: "Our recent success of negotiating a pair of six-year master contracts shows that [US Maritime Alliance leadership]…get the job done, and that should bring confidence to all. I believe we will come out with a great contract for six more years." —Harold Daggett, president, International Longshoremen's Association On taking a $93 million charge fee ending its chartering of vessels: "Now, with a dramatic improvement in shipping times and much lower shipping and container costs, it made sense to downsize our commitment and lower prices for our members." —Richard Galanti, CFO, Costco On best-ever results for profit, revenue, and average freight rates in the third quarter of 2022: "I think those are numbers that we may not see again in our lifetime." —Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO, Hapag-Lloyd On the impact of US–China relations on global supply chains: "There is one scenario where increasing tensions between the US and China don't derail globalization as a whole: if India really comes on-stream as a low- cost producer." —Bruce Jones, geopolitical expert and author of "To Rule the Waves." "While the world is focused now on the war in Ukraine and all of the unexpected and difficult consequences that flow from it, there's this entire other specter of risk and the need to manage the relationship between the US and China." —Daniel Yergin, vice chairman, S&P Global ANNUAL REVIEW & OUTLOOK 2023

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