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August 28 2023

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34 Journal of Commerce | August 28, 2023 Port Productivity: Drayage and Chassis Report Special Report be announcing the first pilot participants, including major importers, exporters, forward- ers, chassis providers and truck- ing companies, in the coming months. "We believe that this street data from QuayChain will be at the core of the Port of Oakland's new portal with real-time data of the movement of containers, chassis and trucks across the streets of the port that will give us new insights that no other port in the US or the world has," Bryan Brandes, the Port of Oak- land's director of maritime, said in a July 27 statement. Scott said QuayChain's focus is providing data to end-users such as shippers, forwarders, intermodal equipment provid- ers and truckers, with those entities subscribing for data. The data provided to the port is aggregated. "We are not a screen- scraping solution, but rather a new form of independent data," Scott explained. QuayChain's most promi- nent commercial arrangement to date had been a deal with the inland Port of Utah to install a network of cameras to give insight into rail movements of overflow intermodal cargo from Southern California. Scott said it is up to ports to determine how the data gener- ated by QuayChain fits into their own customer-facing data por- tals, such as the Port of Los Ange- les' Port Optimizer and the Port of Long Beach's Supply Chain Information Highway. JOC email: THE ADMINISTRATOR OF a new chassis pool covering the ports of Jacksonville, Savannah and Wilm- ington, NC, plans to charge a hefty penalty to trucking companies that use equipment without registering for the pool. Drayage operators were required to register for previous iterations of the South Atlantic Chassis Pool (SACP), but invoices were not issued by Consolidated Chassis Manage- ment (CCM), which will administer and oversee the SACP 3.0. Registra- tion details include the company's name, US Department of Transpor- tation number, Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement status, contact information for the billable party and an estimate of the number of chassis used annually, among other things. "If you don't register on our web- site and try to pick up a chassis in the new pool, you'll be charged $100 per day," CCM CEO Mike Wilson told the Journal of Commerce. "We're not going to stop the driver at the gate, but we're going to charge them a penalty rate." Wilson said beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) should check in with their drayage partners to ensure compliance before the pool goes live in October, adding that shippers can also register for the SACP 3.0. "The BCO can sign up to be a user if it has volume to leverage lower rates or wants to have control of the payment," he said. "Several BCOs have already registered on our website. We have three types of users: the ocean carriers, the BCOs and the motor carriers. If BCOs want to be the one that gets billed for the usage, we can do that." Tiered fee system CCM will use a five-tier pricing structure for the SACP 3.0 based on the total number of "usage days" for a given customer annually. Using five chassis for five days, for exam- ple, would equate to 25 usage days. For customers with less than 100,000 usage days per year, the lowest usage tier, CCM will charge $22 per chassis per day. For custom- ers with more than 500,000 chassis usage days, the daily rate will drop to $12 per day. Each of the five tiers is cheaper than the existing SACP 2.0 pool, which costs users between $26.50 and $34 per day, depending on the chassis provider. Only NACPC offers a similar rate of $19.50 per day. In addition to the ports of Jack- sonville, Savannah and Wilmington, SACP 3.0 will cover inland locations in Atlanta, Ga.; Birmingham, Ala.; Charlotte, NC; and Tampa, Fla. JOC email: Registration required Revamped Southeast chassis pool to charge 'penalty fee' to unregistered users By Ari Ashe SACP 3.0 users will pay between $12 and $22 per chassis per day, down from between $26.50 and $34 per day currently. GPA "We're not going to stop the driver at the gate, but we're going to charge them a penalty rate." "This street data from QuayChain will be at the core of the Port of Oakland's new portal."

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