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August 28 2023

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SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION August 28, 2023 | Journal of Commerce 43 NEW YORK–NEW JERSEY TRADE AND LOGISTICS few percentage points above pre-pandemic levels of 2019. "If I look at the volume that we did in 2022, that's the volume that we did not forecast doing until 2030, so COVID thrust us eight years into the future," Rooney said. "But if I were to look now at where I think we're going to finish 2023, we're back on track." Even with the dip in volumes from the previous record year, Rooney said the port is not seeing much of the cargo it earned shift back to the West Coast. "We're hearing from shippers that as long as they have reliability and consistency, they're willing to pay a little bit more to get to the East Coast or to move across the East Coast and for it to take a little bit longer, as long as they can count on those time frames," Rooney said. "That's all positive for us." Shippers are also diversifying their supply chains with a combination of changing or adding to their sourcing, giving the region more of a logistics advantage. NY–NJ is seeing a lot more cargo now coming out of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the Indian subcontinent and — for the first time in a long time — Eastern Europe, Rooney said. "So between the changing of sourcing and the diversification of the supply chain where shippers aren't putting all of their eggs in a West Coast strategy, they're diversifying to a four-corner, a three-corner or at least a bicoastal [strategy]," Rooney said. Nimbleness has always been a key to success for businesses such as Advent eModal, whose roots as a company began in the NY–NJ area in the 1990s by local operations experts who saw a need to digitize and modernize the industry. Advent eModal's work on the Port of New York and New Jersey's truck pass program and the common community portal that was created was a turning point for the company. "It was the first common portal where you could go and see container availability at any one of the five or six competing terminals, and it helped sort of foster an era of collaboration and things that I think are great for the region in general," Sidoti said. "So it has its DNA here, and one of the big steps to bring us to that product shift was Port of New York and New Jersey's PortTruckPass." Since then, Advent eModal has grown from a custom software development company into a global solutions firm offering cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. Today, Advent eModal and its SaaS platforms such as, and eModal Data Services are used by over 85 global port authorities and container terminals, as well as over 200 inland depots and more than 215,000 active monthly users. The company's reach allows more than 250 million monthly cargo transactions. "From those humble beginnings in New Jersey, we've grown into a much larger SaaS company, and we're continuing to grow," Sidoti said. The company is nurturing its business presence internationally and currently has clients in the United Kingdom and Australia. Advent eModal is also regularly improving its solutions offerings to keep up with the changing regulatory landscape and other dynamic needs and working to expand into other verticals in the logistics industry, Sidoti said. "We need to stay agile," he said. "We have to keep servicing and getting better at servicing our core customers." Sidoti said he sees tremendous opportunity in the NY–NJ region. "It was exciting to see that they were a top port there for a little bit," he said, adding that the company is looking forward to working with area stakeholders "to keep moving that needle" back to the top as the country's busiest port. "There's a strong history there," he said. "There's family traditions there. There's a great workforce. And I just hope we can be a part of their success. They need to be a part of ours." email: TRAC Intermodal / Drew Noel Photography The Port of New York and New Jersey is seeing its year-over-year cargo numbers soften.

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