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June 23, 2014

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Page 2 of 71 THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE 3 10 28 COVER STORY 10 Ports Getting Shipshape New operational methods are paying off in improved port productivity — at the berth, at least. SPECIAL REPORT: ASIA TRADE 28 Bouncing Off the Bottom Growth in Asia's exports is likely to accelerate in the coming years, but weaker demand and sourcing shifts will keep it far from its peak performance. SPECIAL REPORT: EXPEDITED/TIME CRITICAL TRUCKING 49 Where Quality Comes First For pharmaceutical shippers, security is more important than speed. Fortunately, expedited carriers deliver both. F E A T U R E S E V E R Y I S S U E D E P A R T M E N T S 22 GOVERNMENT WATCH Walking the Walk on WRRDA Now that a new water resources act is law, it's up to Congress and the Army Corps of Engineers to follow through. Wal-Mart Crash Revives HOS Debate Complaint says driver hadn't slept in 24 hours before fatal accident that critically injured TV star Tracy Morgan. 45 INTERNATIONAL MARITIME The P3 Shuffle, in Reverse European carriers and ports are scrambling to review strategies in the wake of China's rejection of the P3 Network. 54 DOMESTIC SURFACE Same-Day Insanity? Target joins Google and Amazon in offering a same-day delivery service that analysts say is all but a dead end. C O L U M N S A D V E R T O R I A L 4 CONGRESS'S WRONG TURN ON TRUCKING By Mark Szakonyi 21 TIME TO TALK THE TALK By Jordan W. Cowman 26 COMING TO TERMS WITH INCOTERMS By Jerry Peck 44 WHO'S REALLY EATING THE PNW'S LUNCH? By Lawrence Gross 48 E-TAILING'S TROJAN HORSE By Satish Jindel 70 ENHANCING PRODUCTIVITY By Peter Tirschwell 61 FREIGHT PAYMENT 6 Spotlight 56 By the Numbers 57 Index 60 Colin Barrett's Q&A 71 Classified Ads 2014 V.15 N.13 CONTENTSJune23

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