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Mar. 17, 2014

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Page 2 of 63 THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE 3 10 COVER STORY 10 Fred Smith, on the Record The legendary FedEx founder opens up about trade, transportation and why the greatest opportunities for growth are right here in the U.S. SPECIAL REPORT: SOUTH AMERICA TRADE AND LOGISTICS 20 A Tale of Two Coasts Market-opening measures bolster trade growth in the west, while Brazil and others turn more protectionist in the east. SPECIAL REPORT: TOP LTL AND TRUCKLOAD CARRIERS 38 LTL's Slow Motion Recovery Revenue growth at the 25 largest LTL truckers drops for a second straight year, but signs point to a stronger 2014. SPECIAL REPORT: 3PL REPORT: SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTIONS 50 It's Good to Be Green Supply chain sustainabillity moves beyond feel-good practices to the bottom line. F E A T U R E S E V E R Y I S S U E D E P A R T M E N T S 16 GOVERNMENT WATCH Weight Control Those for and against longer and heavier trucks gear up for next battle on Capitol Hill. First Up: Cargo Marad's Peter Jaenichen discusses what he sees as critical to breathe new life into the U.S. Merchant Marine. 30 INTERNATIONAL MARITIME Union Vs. Union The jurisdictional battles in this spring's ILWU negotiations could be just a preview of bigger turf wars to come. Made in ... Where? Superior infrastructure makes China the premier sourcing location, but rising wages and risk spur manufacturers to spread their wings. 46 DOMESTIC SURFACE Going 'Gray' Two chassis providers plan an equipment interchange program at Los Angeles-Long Beach. One-on-One With Claude Mongeau The Canadian National Railway chief sees match-backing as key to intermodal growth. C O L U M N S 4 HOPE AGAINST HOPE By Chris Brooks 9 TRANSSHIPPING'S DISADVANTAGES By Jerry Peck 62 FIXING PORT DRAYAGE By Peter Tirschwell 6 Spotlight 56 By the Numbers 57 Index 60 Colin Barrett's Q&A 61 Classified Ads 2014 V.15 N.6 CONTENTSMar.17 50 38

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