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Classifieds & Marketplace THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE 61 CONTAINER SALES EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES NOTICES MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS Shipper-Owned Containers 866-472-6256 SHIPPING • TRUCKING • INTERMODAL • COOL CARGOES • IMPORTS • EXPORTS • CUSTOMS • SHORT SEA • BARGE • SLOW STEAMING • SUPER SLOW STEAMING • TRANSPORTA T TION A • PROCUREMENT • MARITIME • SUPPLY L CHAIN • TRADE LANES • CAPACI P TY • OVERSIZE CARG S • CARR E • LTL L NS • TR TRAD A NS • RO CHAS - SIS • OSHA • IN I COTERMS 2010 • 3PL • CONTAINER T • SHIPPI PING NG • TRUCKING • INTERMOD ODAL AL • CO COOL OL CARGOES • IM IMPO PORT RTS • EX E PORTS • CUSTOMS USTOMS • SHORT SH T SEA SEA • BARGE BARG • SLOW OW STEAMING NG STEA • SUPER SUPER SLOW STEAM AMING S • TRANSP TR SPORTA T TION A • PROCUREMENT NT PROCUREM • RITIME MARIT ME • PP SUPPLY L CH C AIN • TRAD ADE L S ANES • CAPACI P TY • SIZE OVERSIZ CA CA CARG RGO • PORTS • MA MANUF TURE ACT ERS F • ENEFI BE ICIAL CARG RGO CA WNERS OWNE S • RRI CARRI - ERS ER RDING NG ARD • COMPLIANCE COMPLIANCE • LTL TL L • NVOC NVOC AL AL A • E REGU GU REGULATION ONS NS TION A • TRADE TRADE • OR ORIG ORIG IG ORIG OKERS KER ER OKERS • EMISSIONS SSIO S EM EM EMISSIONS • O RO R -RO RO RO R RO-RO Y • OK OK OKE KE Y RS RS RS RS AN AN AN ANG ANG S • E Y S T M EM EM E E RIV IV I ER • V IV IVER ER ER • ZE ZE ZE M S IS ISS ON ONS M S IS ISS ON ONS SSI SION ON SSI SION O S M • TS • MAN ANUF TURER ACT ERS F • ENE NEFI BE ICIA • T • FO FORWA W C TE TE TER N RM RMIN GIN I GIN IN GIN U OM USTOM UST S OM RO BR BRO NT NT IN RY TOR OR OR U OM OM USTO USTOM RO RO BR BR BR BR S • FR FR FR FR FREI EI EI EI EIG FR AY A • MA M D IDA ION TI TION A AKBULK BULK EA DATION TION TI TI A • • CU CU CU CU HT G RITIME • SUPPLY L CHAIN • TRADE LANES • CAPACI P TY • OVERS GO • PORT RTS • MA MA MA M NU NU N FAC AC ACTU TU TU TURE RE RE R RS RS RS F • BE BE BENE NE NE NEFI FI FI FICI CI CI CIAL AL AL AL CA CA CA C RG RG R O OWNERS RIERS RS • LOG OGIS ISTI TICS CS C • FREI EIGHT • FO FORWARDING W • CO CO C MP MP MPLI LI LIAN A CE • NV NVOC OCCS CS • RA RAILW L A W Y A • MA MARI RINE NE TE TE TERM RM RMIN IN INAL AL AL • RE RE REGU GU GULATION A DE • OR OR ORIG IGIN IN IN CO CO CONS NS NS N OL OLID IDATI TION ON A • CUSTOM OM BR BROKERS • EMISSION O-R -RO • BR BREA EAKB KBUL ULK • INVENTORY • YANG Y TZE RIVER • 10+2 • C In-depth analysis of vital issues from the industryʼs most trusted source. SIGN UP TODAY! For a list of upcoming topics, visit: SUBSCRIBE online at Deep reading for DEEP THINKING Get the business intelligence you need to succeed The definitive magazine covering global trade and transportation DEEP READING for DEEP THINKING To Advertise in The Journal of Commerce Marketplace Directory contact Zachary Gorman for information and rates 973-776-7820 or APPRENTICESHIP FOR STATE PILOT LICENSE The Board of Commissioners of Pilots of the State of New York and the New Jersey Mari- time Pilot & Docking Pilot Commission are seeking applicants for the state maritime pilot apprenticeship program with the United New York and New Jersey Sandy Hook Pilots' Benevolent Association. The pro- gram, which is a prerequisite to a ship pilot's license in either state, is open to any United States citizen not less than the age of 18 and not more than 27 by April 15, 2014, who can meet certain physical requirements and has attained a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution by June 30, 2014. Full details on the program and the requirements will be included with the application form. Such form may be obtained without charge by writing to: Sandy Hook Pilots' Association, 201 Edgewater Street, Staten Island, New York 10305 or email Applications shall be filed by mail at the above address no later than April 15, 2014. A scheduled test will be conducted by an independent testing entity to evaluate all applicants. A testing fee will be required. Selection of apprentices, as needed, will be made from a ranked certi- fied list of qualified applicants authorized and maintained by the State Pilot Boards for a two year period. Selection of qualified applicants shall be made on the basis of qualifications alone under the applicable Navigation Law and Regulations (including amendments) of the States of New York and New Jersey without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, sex, or liabil- ity for service in the Armed Forces of the United States, in full accordance with the objective standards which permit review, after full and fair opportunity for application. This program shall be operated on a com- pletely non-discriminatory basis. JOC0638 Intermarine, LLC seeks Operations Manager for its Houston Port Terminal Office. Manage following areas of responsibility: voyage planning & vessel schedules; cargo opera- tions, vendor & agent selection & budgeting; coordination with Port Captains, Traffic, Line Mgt, Third parties; vessel attendance & reporting; ISO & HSE compliance. Specific functions include: Plan & schedule voyages in consultation with Line Manager as well as maintain & update daily Vessel Position Report. Schedule delivery & redelivery of vessels on short-term charters. Evaluate & select vendors for bunkers, agency, sup- port services, stevedoring. Review and approve disbursements. Coordinate cargo loading operations with Technical Services & Line Manager. Provide cost estimations for cargo operations, stowage, securing & latching. Evaluate suitability of cargo han- dling & security equipment to prevent cargo & vessel damage claims. Interact with sales team to develop cargo transportation solu- tions. Maintain consistent communications with Port Captains during cargo operations, including nights& weekends. Share vital or relevant communications with Line Manage- ment. Correspond with outport agents on disbursement accounts, cargo documents, cargo discharge, loading carrier's equipment back to port. Regularly attend each vessel for which Operations Manager has opera- tional control. Discuss with Master of each vessel opinions of agents, stevedores, Port Captains, other operational topics. Prepare written reports to Technical, Operations, & Line Management. Implement ISO proce- dures in operational matters. Comply fully with Intermarine's HSE policies & procedures. B.S. (U.S. or foreign equivalent) degree in Industrial Mgt. or International Transporta- tion + 2 yrs. Progressive experience in ocean transportation operations. Proficiency in MS Office and CAD software. Mathematical proficiency in use of fractions, percentages, ratios, proportions, weights & cubic meter cal- culations. Language proficiency in reading, analyzing, interpreting packing lists, technical drawings, booking notes, & vessel drawings gained through 2 yrs. Progressive experi- ence in ocean transportation operations. Send resumes to: Scott Ransom, Interma- rine, LLC, 55 Waugh Drive, Ste. 300, Houston, Texas 77007 or fax: (281) 872-4444. JOC0639 THE OFFICIAL RAILWAY GUIDE Provides essential routing and shipment information, as well as key railroad contacts, current route profiles, intermodal terminal locations and more. THE OFFICIAL RAILWAY EQUIPMENT REGISTER Complete listing of U.S., Canadian and Mexican rail cars, reporting marks and serial numbers, dimensions and capacities, key contacts and more. THE POCKET LIST OF RAILROAD OFFICIALS Delivering contact information for more than 20,000 officials in the freight railroad, rail transit and rail supply industries. Learn more today at If it's on the minds of rail professionals, it's covered by

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