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116 THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE v MARCH 3.2014 FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT FUELS GROWTH W ith port-operations expertise derived from handling one-third of China's massive container throughput, China Merchants Holdings (International) Co. Ltd. is now expanding abroad. CMHI's growth is powered by the strategic pursuit of overseas port investments. On the heels of a half-dozen sizeable foreign direct investment, or FDI, transactions, corporate throughput exceeded 71.4 million TEUs in 2013, up from 60.2 million in 2012. As a percentage of total TEUs handled, terminals outside of China and Hong Kong yielded 8.7 million TEUs in 2013, or 12.2 percent of corporate TEU counts. That is double the 0.4 million TEUs in 2012. The company's foreign direct investment strategy is to pay attention to sustainable development as well as pledges to use experience and expertise, technology, and economies of scale to contribute to ongoing economic development in host countries. Efficient port infrastructure is fundamental to developing a country's participation in global trade flows. CMHI has invested more than a half-billion U.S. dollars in the Colombo International Container Terminal in Sri Lanka. The project represents the largest foreign investment in Sri Lanka to date. "We are indeed proud to be the major stakeholder in the development of the South Container Terminal, whilst being a stimulant to other major investors to Sri Lanka," said Dr. Fu Yuning, Chairman of China Merchants Group and China Merchants Holdings (International) Co. Ltd., at the WWW.CMHI.COM.HK WWW.CMHI.COM.HK BY LORI MUSSER DR. FU YUNING CHAIRMAN, CMG AND CMHI CHINA MERCHANTS HOLDINGS (INTERNATIONAL)

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