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Nov.10, 2014

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Arriving. Reducing. Processing. Improving. MOL is now in the third year of publishing key performance indicators. Numbers can fluctuate for a variety of reasons but we strive to be your partner in performance. Review all of our fresh KPI results at Operations performance you can count on. ON-TIME MOL VESSEL ASIA-U.S. WEST COAST 98% ASIA-U.S. EAST COAST 58% TRANSATLANTIC 30% ASIA-EUROPE 46% PERFORMANCE APR. - JUN. 2014 SEPTEMBER 2014 JACKSONVILLE 17 MIN. LOS ANGELES 38 MIN. OAKLAND 25 MIN. TRUCK TURN TIME IN-TERMINAL TARGET: <30 MIN. INTRA ASIA 62% ASIA–EAST COAST SOUTH AMERICA 72% ASIA-MEXICO/WEST COAST SOUTH AMERICA 67% TARGET: 100% NORTH AMERICA

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