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Nov.24, 2014

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12" 12" 12" Privacy Notice: For information regarding our privacy policies, visit ©2014 United States Postal Service ® . All Rights Reserved. The Eagle Logo is among the many trademarks of the U.S. Postal Service ® . B-COMP-A-JOURCOMM Q: HOW MUCH DOES A 1-POUND BOX WEIGH? A: 11 POUNDS, IF YOU USE THE WRONG SHIPPING COMPANY. To weigh your shipping options go to Starting early next year, some shipping companies may box you in — by expanding their use of Dimensional (DIM) Weight Pricing. It means you'll have to pay for your domestic package's actual weight or its dimensional weight — whichever is greater. For example, you could be billed the 11-pound rate for this 1-pound box because of its 12" x 12" x 12" size. That could get expensive. But you have a choice: The USPS ® continues to offer a broad range of effi cient and economical shipping options. Because we understand that one size does not fi t all.

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