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Jan.26, 2015

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10 19 THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE 3 COVER STORY 10 Divide and Conquer A war of words signifying a new level of rancor in West Coast labor talks raises a sobering thought: Is mediation bringing the ILWU and PMA closer together or pulling them farther apart? SPECIAL REPORT: EAST COAST PORTS 19 Upward Mobility The ports of New York-New Jersey and Virginia are boosting efficiency as they prepare for the arrival of bigger ships. SPECIAL REPORT: ASIA TRADE 41 Rising Tide Lifts Asia Recovering economies in the U.S. and Asia keep Asia's trade and shipping forecasts positive for 2015. F E A T U R E S E V E R Y I S S U E D E P A R T M E N T S 15 GOVERNMENT WATCH Congress Stays Out of the ILWU Fray Despite mounting frustration with freight delays, the controversial talks are a low priority on Capitol Hill. New US Rules Roll On, But Slowly Numerous regulations and proposals are scheduled to come out this year, but some may be kept on the shelf. 34 INTERNATIONAL MARITIME PNW Ports on a Mission Seattle and Tacoma are focusing on intermodal as part of a joint effort to protect and expand their market share. Panama Revisits Canal Tolls The Panama Canal proposes a new structure that would charge more for loaded containers while relying less on pricing based on ship capacity. 48 DOMESTIC SURFACE Open for Business The U.S. decision to allow more Mexican trucks operate across the border doesn't end the controversy. 2014's 3PL Milestones Total Quality Logistics, Coyote and Echo are among a new pack of rapidly growing logistics providers. C O L U M N S A D V E R T O R I A L 4 DIVIDED WE STAND By Chris Brooks 32 YEAR OF THE SHIP By Gary Ferrulli 70 ON TAP FOR TPM? A POTENT MIX By Peter Tirschwell 53 GEORGIA PORTS AUTHORITY: 2015 INFRASTRUCTURE UPDATE 6 Spotlight 64 By the Numbers 65 Index 68 Colin Barrett's Q&A 69 Classified Ads 2015 V.16 N.2 CONTENTSJan.26

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