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4 THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE Editor's Letter William B. Cassidy YOU'VE HEARD OF the driver short- age and its impact on truck capacity and transportation costs, but let's not forget another shortage: the lack of adequate parking for tractor-trailers. Truckers have long complained of inadequate parking and rest facilities, both along highways and at or near customer locations. Receivers often refuse driver access to their property. This can be a life-or-death issue. Truck drivers have been robbed and murdered when parked in unsecure locations — in one case, just yards away from a shipper's gates in Detroit. This is a problem shippers can do something about, and they have a vested interest in taking action. For one, difficulty finding safe, secure truck parking ultimately adds to shipping costs. Second, shippers that deny truck- ers a place to park may have to worry about legal issues as well, especially if a federal driver coercion regulation is finalized as proposed. At the least, the lack of adequate parking affects on-time delivery performance and cuts into a driver's available work hours as he or she is forced to search for legal parking. That can push drivers to park illegally and risk fines or to violate hours-of- service rules just to find parking. That ultimately translates to delays that tie up tractor-trailer capacity and lead to higher rates and detention charges for shippers not deemed "carrier-friendly." There's also the question of liability under the proposed driver coercion rule currently on the table at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Under the rule, shippers who turn away truck- ers running out of available work hours could be held responsible for coercing the driver to violate hours- of-service restrictions. The fine would be $11,000 per violation. What can shippers do? For one, open the gates. If there's space on your property where trucks can park overnight, let them. One of the biggest shippers in the country, Wal- Mart Stores, allows truck parking in some of its store lots. Could this add to costs? Yes, but compare those costs with higher rates and increased regulatory and legal liability. If you don't have space, help truckers find it — know where safe truck parking is available near your facilities. Don't say, "It's not my problem." Turkey producer But terba ll finds making drivers welcome helps reduce transportation costs. "We want to ensure our own manufac- turing locations have truck parking, clean restrooms, vending machines, as well as phones and waiting areas for drivers," Dan Bohlman, senior manager of logistics procurement for Garner, North Carolina-based But- terball, said at the Transportation & Logistics Council's annual confer- ence last month. Jason's Law, passed in 2012 after truck driver Jason Rivenburg was murdered when parked at a gas sta- tion near a receiver, was supposed to provide more money for states to build secure truck parking areas. But truck parking isn't always a priority for states. The Department of Transporta- tion is expected to soon complete a study, mandated by Congress, of the truck parking problem. However, this will be the latest of several fed- eral and state studies dating back to the 1990s that demonstrate a clear, continuing problem. Ultimately, new parking spaces are needed for the trucks that will haul freight volumes that are expected to increase as the U.S. population grows. For shippers, giving truckers greater access to their facilities, as Butterball and others have found, makes sense and can save much more than money. In some cases, it could save lives. JOC Shippers, Open Your Gates The Journal of Commerce (USPS 279 – 060), ISSN 1530-7557, April 20, 2015, Volume 16, Issue No. 8. The Journal of Commerce is published bi-weekly except the last week in December (printed 26 times per year) by JOC Group Inc. 2 Penn Plaza East, 12th Floor, Newark, N.J. 07105. Subscription price: $344 a year. Periodicals postage paid at Newark, N.J., and additional mailing offices. © All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be copied or reprinted without written permission from the publisher. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to The Journal of Commerce, Subscription Services Department, 2 Penn Plaza East, Floor 12, Newark, N.J. 07105-2257. APRIL 20.2015 EXECUTIVE EDITOR, THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE AND JOC EVENTS Chris Brooks 973.776.7818 MANAGING EDITOR Barbara Wyker 973.776.7817 EXECUTIVE EDITOR, JOC.COM Mark Szakonyi, 202.872.1234 SENIOR EDITORS Joseph Bonney, Finance and Economics 973.776.7809 William B. 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