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Sept.21, 2015

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Page 2 of 39 THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE 3 F E A T U R E S 6 Spotlight 32 By the Numbers 33 Index 36 Colin Barrett's Q&A 37 Classified Ads E V E R Y I S S U E C O L U M N S 4 COURSE CORRECTION FOR SHIPPING? By Chris Brooks 38 NAILING A CHASSIS FIX By Peter Tirschwell D E P A R T M E N T S 14 GOVERNMENT WATCH No Parking The U.S. Department of Transportation calls for a coalition to address the shortage of parking for truckers on U.S. roads. 16 INTERNATIONAL MARITIME Joined at the Ship Savannah is the fastest-growing major U.S. port, but holding onto those gains depends on the efficiency of others. 30 DOMESTIC SURFACE Roadrunner Races to Mexico Three recent acquisitions put the rapidly growing trucking company on the cross-border map. COVER STORY 10 Trucking, By the Clock Drayage carriers applaud PierPass's plan for trucker appointment systems in LA-Long Beach, but want to be part of the development. SPECIAL REPORT: CONTAINER SHIPPING 18 Late to the Party Shippers and carriers expect a peak season to arrive in the fall, but a sustainable jump in rates isn't likely. SPECIAL REPORT: GLOBAL LOGISTICS FOCUS 2015 1A RFID: From Revolution to Evolution Its potential for inventory management across the retail spectrum long since extinguished, RFID is finding its footing in high-value goods. 10 1A 2015 V.16 N.19 CONTENTSSept.21 Juha Oorni /

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