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COOL CARGOES THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE 21 West Coast phenomena, but the real- ity was they backed all the way up to the Midwest," said Corey Rosenbusch, president and CEO of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, a trade association for the cold chain industry. "In fact, I was in Savannah in March, and there were staged loads of produce and other temperature-controlled cargo just sitting there because all the capacity had been sucked up, and there were no containers avail- able because they were all still sitting on a ship somewhere. "It wasn't a great situation for the sector, and it wasn't a great situation for the customer — and we're still operating in an environment where the already dedicated capacity is run- ning in the high 80 percent," he said. As recently as August, harbor commissioners at the Port of Los Angeles were boarding fl ights to Chile and destinations in Asia hoping to shore up relations with key shipping lines and fruit exporters impacted by the labor meltdown. In response, the GCCA and three dozen industry groups, ranging from the California Fresh Fruit Associa- tion to the National Association of Egg Farmers, are pressing Congress for legislation they hope will prevent or at least mitigate future logjams. The Port Transparency Act would establish a port performance measure- ment and reporting program, which would keep federal regulators abreast of capacity and related issues at the nation's key ports, while enabling those who handle perishable cargo to book alternatives earlier when constraints emerge on the horizon. In a letter to Sen. John Thune, RELATIONSHIPS "THE LABOR DISRUPTIONS WERE TALKED ABOUT AS A WEST COAST PHENOMENA, BUT THE REALITY WAS THEY BACKED ALL THE WAY UP TO THE MIDWEST." Food exporters push for Port Transparency Act in wake of recent supply chain disruptions

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