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Mar.7, 2016

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INTERNATIONAL MARITIME IMPORTING | EXPORTING | PORTS | CARRIERS | BREAKBULK | GLOBAL LOGISTICS 60 THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE MARCH 7.2016 By Bill Mongelluzzo T H E P O R T O F Oa k l a nd Com m i s sion approved a $1.5 million program to help fund night and weekend gates as Outer Harbor Terminals transitions out of the port and its cargo volume is redistributed to other facilities. "Extending terminal gate hours is an important way to improve cargo flow through the port. It's also crucial as we make the transition from five to four active terminals," said John Driscoll, Oakland's maritime director. Outer Harbor Terminals, a joint venture between Ports America and Mediterranean Shipping Co. affiliate Terminal Investment Ltd., announced in January that it would terminate its 50-year lease with the port and be out of the port by the end of March. Outer Harbor has subsequently filed for bankruptcy. I n Febr ua r y, t he com m i ssioner s approved a port staff request to appropriate $1.5 million to help compensate those termi- nals that will operate extended gates to ease the strain on their operations and reduce gate congestion. The 12-week program began on Feb. 13. The night and weekend gates will help to spread the increased traf- fic over more hours each week, and will give truckers options for avoiding peak daytime periods when gate traffic is the heaviest. To qualify for funding, terminal opera- tors must sign a formal agreement to extend gate hours, they must provide an operating plan for the extended hours, and they must get trucks into and out of their facilities within 75 minutes. Oakland will reimburse terminal opera- tors up to 50 percent of the cost of operating extended gates, and will cap the reimburse- ment at $10,000 for each shift. The port will provide reimbursement for up to five extended-gate shifts each week, and nei- ther the truckers nor their customers will be charged for the extended gates program. Oakland last year considered launching a plan known as OakPass, patterned some- what after the PierPass program in Los Angeles-Long Beach, to initiate a program OAKLAND FUNDS EXTENDED GATES The longer hours of operation will help ease cargo flows as the port transitions from five to four active terminals Photo: Sheila Fitzgerald / To qualify for funding, terminal operators must sign a formal agreement to extend gate hours.

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