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Page 16 of 31 THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE 17 BRIEFS l JUMBO K-CLASS SHIP HANDLES 1,911-TON LIFT J U M BO S H I PPI N G 'S H E AV Y- LI F T vessel Fairmaster discharged a 1,911-ton frac- tionator, a record lift for the carrier, on June 26 at an integrated refinery and pet- rochemical plant being built by RAPID at Tanjung Setapa, Malaysia. Toyo Engineering of Japan contracted with Jumbo last October for two shipments of several fractionators, which separate various components of natural gas, from Mipo, Korea, and Nantong, China, to Tanjung Setapa. The first shipment was delivered on one of Jumbo's K-class heavy- lift vessels. The second one will be loaded at Nantong in the coming weeks. The fractionators range in size from 121.3 by 11.2 by 10.6 meters, to 64 by 8.9 by 8.7 meters, and have weights ranging from 1,911 tons for the heaviest piece and 1,003 tons for the lightest. RAPID's Malaysia refinery will have capacity of 300,000 barrels per day and will supply naphtha and liquid petroleum gas feedstock for the petrochemical com- plex, in addition to producing gasoline and diesel that meets European specifications. l CHINA COSCO ALTERS VESSEL ORDER, OPTING FOR MULTIPURPOSE SHIPS CHINA COSCO SHIPPING has ordered three 36,000-deadweight-ton, ice-class multi- purpose ships to replace an earlier order for 28,000-dwt. heavy-lift ships. The Chinese carrier, a subsidiary of China Cosco Shipping Group, signed a letter of intent with Shanghai Shipyard to deliver the three multipurpose ves - sels during the third quarter of 2017. The reported cost will be 242 million renminbi ($36.4 million) each. Each of the multipurpose ships will be equipped with four cranes, with a maxi- mum tandem lifting capacity of 200 metric tons. The vessels will feature cargo holds with large hatch openings and tween-deck covers. l BAHRI SIGNS DEAL WITH SAUDI ELECTRIC SAUDI ELECTRICITY HAS contracted with breakbulk and project carrier Bahri for shipment of materials and equip- ment for elec t r ic a l power gener a - tion, transmission and distribution to a ll of the compa ny's sites i n Saud i Arabia. "This agreement is an extension of the memorandum of understanding that SEC and Bahri signed in 2015, and is aimed at supporting the implementation of the strategy of localization of the electrical industry and supporting services," Saudi Electric CEO Ziyad Bin Mohammed Al- Shiha said. Bahri CEO Ibrahim Al Oman said the contract will strengthen Bahri's position as a leading shipping and transport com- pany, and expand its integrated logistics services. l MHI VESTAS LANDS ORDER FOR 49 OFFSHORE WIND TURBINES MHI VESTAS OFFSHORE Wind has received an order from Swedish utility Vattenfall to supply 49 turbines and services for the Horns Rev 3 wind energy project being developed off the west coast of Denmark. The wind turbines will have rated capacity of 8 million megawatts, and will use a power mode to deliver maximum output of 8.3 million megawatts. Installation is scheduled for 2018. The wind energy equipment will be preassem- bled at Esbjerg, Denmark, and moved via Hvide Sande. Denmark-based MHI Vestas previously has supplied Vattenfall with turbines for other wind energy projects, including the 300-megawatt Thanet project and the 160-megawatt Horns Rev 1 project. The 406-megawatt Horns Rev 3 project will generate enough clean electricity to power more than 400,000 Danish homes.

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