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Aug.8, 2016

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Page 2 of 71 THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE 3 10 38 COVER STORY 10 Logistics Startups' Staying Power in Question A new breed of technology companies could disrupt containerized supply chains as we know them, but their impact has yet to be seen. SPECIAL REPORT: TOP TRANS-ATLANTIC CARRIERS AND PORTS 20 Rough Seas Ahead? One of the few bright spots in carrier service portfolios, the trans-Atlantic faces new political and economic uncertainty. SPECIAL REPORT: PACIFIC NORTHWEST GATEWAY 38 Prepping for the Big Guys Pacific Northwest ports are investing billions to keep capacity ahead of mega-ship demands. F E A T U R E S E V E R Y I S S U E D E P A R T M E N T S 16 INTERNATIONAL MARITIME Forwarders Brace for Alliance Pain Intermediaries anticipate months of cargo disruption after the shuffling of VSAs next year. Trimming Capacity One Ship at a Time The scrapping of vessels will reach a new high this year, but won't put much of a dent in the overabundance of supply. 30 GOVERNMENT WATCH Port Performance Group Stymied Monitoring U.S. port productivity will involve metrics that will be a challenge to create. 32 DOMESTIC SURFACE Prime Time for Shippers and Carriers New e-commerce events such as's Prime Day are testing final-mile distribution networks. Inland Ports' Urban Sprawl Driven by surging consumer demand for e-commerce, retailers rush to build new DCs near high-population centers. C O L U M N S A D V E R T O R I A L 4 A LEGENDARY TRUCKER'S LEGACY By William B. Cassidy 18 IS THIS PROGRESS? By Gary Ferrulli 70 A DISSERVICE TO SHIPPERS By Mark Szakonyi 45 PORT OF BALTIMORE 6 Spotlight 63 Colin Barrett's Q&A 64 By the Numbers 65 Index 68 Classified Ads 2016 V.17 N.16 CONTENTSAug.8

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