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Aug.22, 2016

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Houston will likely get the lion's share of the next export boom, but East and West Coast ports also are making a play THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE 53 MANAGING EXPORTS SPECIAL REPORT R APID GROWTH IN exports of polyethylene resins is likely to smooth fl uctuations in vol- umes wh ile increa sing t he number of containers shipped through Houston and other ports, according to a chemical industry analyst. U.S. resin producers that currently use exports to sup- plement their domestic sales will direct new production into a steady stream of export shipments, said Joel Morales, director of polyolefi ns, Ameri- cas, at IHS Chemical, a sister unit of The Journal of Com- merce within IHS Markit. Companies are investing bil- lions of dollars in new plants to produce polyethylene, a key raw material for plastics production. Most of the new capacity is aimed at export markets. "With the addition of all this new capacity, we believe they're going to have to look to deep-sea (shipments) to Asia a lot more," Morales told June's inaugural JOC Gulf Ship- ping Conference in Houston. Steadier volume would sim- plif y shipping by making it easier to plan equipment, truck transportation, and other supply chain needs. Availability of con- tainers to handle shipments is GULF PORTS PREPARE FOR RESINS BOOM By Joseph Bonney

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