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Jan.9, 2017

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"Now is a good time to remind everybody that while the economy may be experiencing a small industrial recession, that does not mean we are experiencing a consumer recession." Jerry Moyes, CEO, Swi Transportation "The growth of e-commerce is forcing all of us to improve our technology and to adapt to living in a smartphone world." Greg Hewitt, CEO, DHL Express in the Americas "The need for (weight) information in terms of the safe operation of the vessel has always been there, so my question to the industry is, how did you meet that before July 1?" Rear Adm. Paul Thomas, US Coast Guard "Malcom McLean had a visceral sentiment on the issue of overweight containers. He strongly believed they were dangerous on the road and in the port. William Gotimer, McLean's personal and business attorney and general counsel from 1991 to 2001 "Instead of flipping the switch, they're dimming the lights. It will be more of a gradual transition over to ACE." Liz Connell, vice president, product management, Integration Point "Supply chains will find the path of least resistance. It's just the way supply chains work." Dave Aresnault, president and CEO, Hyundai Merchant Marine America "Visibility means security. It means risk management and not having to lie awake for fear of products not on shelves or products getting sent to the bottom of the ocean." Bjorn Vang Jensen, vice president, global logistics, Electrolux "The closer we inch toward December (2017), the scarier it's going to get for a lot of people. Thayne Boren, general manager, mobile solutions, on the looming deadline for electronic logging devices in trucks "Importers and exporters need to work together. It's a common bond we're not using." Dean Tracy, managing director, Global Integrated Services "The current contracting practices are a recipe for market failure. It's astonishing that shippers are not accountable for missed minimum quantity commitments, or even 'no shows' once their cargo is booked." Michael Ehrlich and Jim Shi, professors, New Jersey Institute of Technology "Freight is the largest variable cost for many shippers, and technology has the power to smooth that volatility." Matt Tillman, CEO, Haven "Throughout her long and distinguished life, Helen (Bentley) had a deep appreciation for the important role that seaports … play in our economy." Jim White, CEO, Maryland Port Administration "We are seeing more and more female drivers. I wish we had more. We are finding that they are more responsible (and) dependable. They have a better on-time trade record. They are all-around good workers." Gregory Scott, vice president of operations, BBT Logistics VOICES OF 2016 2017 ANNUAL REVIEW & OUTLOOK 6 THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE JANUARY 9.2017 If there is ever time and importance to have a well-funded FMC, it's today." Mario Cordero, chairman, Federal Maritime Commission In order to counterbalance the Amazons, the inventory needs to be closer to the end-user." John Larkin, managing director of transportation research, Stifel You can function more e ectively, be more agile when you're lean." Bradley S. Jacobs, president and CEO, XPO Logistics Free time isn't free. Every time we ask for more of it, it comes with a cost. We don't call it free time, we refer to it as pre-paid time." Jack Oney, Procter & Gamble

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