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Feb.6, 2017

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Page 2 of 111 THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE 3 E V E R Y I S S U E D E P A R T M E N T S 16 INTERNATIONAL MARITIME Crying Out for Change Hanjin's lessons and the imminent launch of new alliances intensify the calls for a uniform system to improve efficiency. 50 GOVERNMENT WATCH The Great Divide Two new reports — one from the government and one from industry — take divergent paths to measuring port productivity. 54 SURFACE TRANSPORTATION Survival of the Fittest? Mexico's fuel price hikes put smaller trucking companies at risk of failure. C O L U M N S A D V E R T O R I A L 4 WILL CARRIERS HOLD THE LINE? By Mark Szakonyi 52 STRATEGIC MANEUVERS By Gary Ferrulli 68 NETTING BUYERS IN INDIA By Vinita Jindel 104 CREATIVITY INITIATES PRODUCTIVITY GAINS By Lawrence J. Gross 110 JUMBLED VIEWS FOR TRANS-PACIFIC By Peter Tirschwell 69 PORT IMPROVEMENT 6 Spotlight 105 By the Numbers 107 Index 108 Colin Barrett's Q&A 109 Classified Ads COVER STORY 10 Shippers' Rate Gamble Some trans-Pacific BCOs are betting that carriers' current discipline on pricing will erode by spring. Will the strategy backfire? SPECIAL REPORT: INTERMODAL MARKET REPORT 18 Hopes Derailed Railroads fail to meet shippers' desires for competitive pricing, hinterland reach, and service flexibility. SPECIAL REPORT: JOC GUIDE TO 3PLS 22 3PLs Brace for Trump Challenge Logistics providers may not know how the new US trade policy will play out, but they do know they'll be there to manage the fallout. SPECIAL REPORT: EAST COAST PORTS 56 Clocking In, Saving Time The Port of New York and New Jersey's truck-appointment system receives promising reviews in its early days. F E A T U R E S 10 18 2017 V.18 N.3 CONTENTSFeb.6

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