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May 28 2018

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8 The Journal of Commerce | May 28 2018 JOC Top Importers and Exporters Spotlight Upcoming JOC Events Turn to for the latest breaking news, analysis, wspecial projects and events-related information. Here's what's hot: Trending @ US dedicated truck service revs up Demand for dedicated US truckload capacity is reaching levels unseen in more than a decade, according to fleet executives, an indication that shippers are willing to sign multiyear contracts to ensure that a truck and a driver is available every week. Shippers have told The Journal of Commerce that their rollover freight — loads not picked up on the scheduled day to ship — is rising. The freight may move the following day, but the additional time complicates shipping schedules and adds to costs. To prevent these delays, shippers are exploring several capacity alternatives: intermodal, less-than-truckload, and dedicated contract carriage. The dedicated option requires a shipper to sign a long-term contract to ensure the guaranteed capacity. But given the US economic outlook and tight truckload capacity, such a commitment can make sense for shippers. "We currently have more dedicated demand in the pipe - line than we've seen in the last 10 years," Werner Enterprises CEO Derek Leathers told The Journal of Commerce. "As rates have climbed, many shippers who were able to previously move freight one way at a low cost have now realized that dedicat- ed is a better long-term solution." Some transportation executives say the supply imbalance is the worst it's been since 2004, while others say it's the most out-of-whack market in history. One reason is the elec- tronic logging device (ELD) mandate, which strictly caps hours-of-service regulations. Until now, drivers would manipulate their paper logs to make more money. Going over the legally allowed limit — 660 minutes behind the wheel — enabled a driver to accomplish more per day, thus increasing their paychecks. JOC JOC Canada Trade Conference June 18 - 20 2018 Toronto, Ontario JOC Mexico Trade Forum August 1 2018 Mexico City, Mexico JOC Container Trade Europe Conference September 18 - 20 2018 Hamburg, Germany JOC TPM Asia Conference October 09 - 11 2018 Shenzhen, China Turn to for the latest breaking news, analysis, wspecial projects and events-related information. Here's what's hot: Trending @ Slideshow Infographics 12 steps to be a US truck shipper of choice US shippers and 3PLs split on road ahead Top JOC Top 100 Importers: Analyzing the Rankings June 21, 2018 2 p.m. EDT Based on extensive research, the JOC Top 100 Importers and Exporters report analyzes the largest global companies shipping containerized goods to and from the United States — essential information for ship- pers, carriers, and third-party logistics providers. The first in a two-part series, this webcast analyzes the makeup and dynamics of the Top 100 US importers and the factors driving inbound trade. Top JOC Top 100 Exporters: Analyzing the Rankings June 27, 2018 2 p.m. EDT The annual Top 100 Importers and Exporters report is one of the most extensive products The Journal of Commerce produces. Essential infor- mation for shippers, carriers, and third-party logistics providers, the research analyzes the largest global companies shipping containerized goods to and from the United States. This webcast, the second in a two-part series will analyze the makeup and dynamics of the Top 100 Exporters and the factors driving outbound trade. US-Mexico Trade: How Will an Uncertain Landscape A•ect Importers and Exporters? On Demand, Free US trade with Mexico is on course to grow, regardless of whether Presi- dent Trump withdraws the nation from the North American Free Trade Agreement. Cross-border supply chains are linked at a deep level, and whatever trade pacts are agreed on among the three NAFTA members, freight will keep moving. The future of US-Mexico trade and the goods flowing at the border will be addressed in this JOC webcast moderated by Senior Editor Hugh Morley. Register: Featured Content Upcoming Webcasts US trucking, pricing, and the new shipping reality VT Negotiators from the International Longshore- men's Association and United States Maritime Alliance are attempting to reach agreement on local labor issues, so that talks next month in Florida can focus on the six-year, coastwide contract. Logistics executives came to the Transplace Shipper Symposium this month hungry for solutions to what seem to be intractable prob- lems of tight capacity and rising prices. They received more than a few from Transplace CEO Frank McGuigan. As industry professionals put it, the US truck freight market has turned with a vengeance; even so, there are still tactics shippers can deploy to secure freight space. Resources 2018 Warehousing Service Providers Directory 3PL Services Directory, 2018

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