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May 28 2018

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May 28 2018 | The Journal of Commerce 87 PHILADELPHIA LOGISTICS SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE FROM FRUITS TO vegetables and meat to cocoa beans, when it comes to feeding the nation's heartland and population centers, Philadelphia has long been the preferred port for perishables. The city's sprawling cold-storage and food-processing complex comprises dozens of locally owned enterprises that have been delivering their expertise in temperature-sensitive shipments for decades. With the value of commodities such as frozen beef and cocoa beans — up 4.6 percent and 8.9 percent respectively over last year — continuing to rise, indicators suggest the port will continue to dominate in the sector. However, in recent years the Port of Philadelphia has enhanced its ability to pursue cargoes outside of its traditional mix. The upgrades include new container cranes capable of working the latest generation of megaships; a soon-to-be completed channel deepening to permit access to the Philadelphia Harbor; as well as refurbished and reinforced terminals to accommodate expanded cargo operations. Most symbolically, its new brand, PhilaPort, sends a strong signal of the new service, marketing, and infrastructure initiatives designed to make Philadelphia a true world-class multiport. Armed with a $300 million infusion from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and partnered with a lineup of aggressive private sector firms, Philadelphia has embarked on an ambitious self- reinvention. From the advent of the region's Ship Philly First initiative through the present, signs of the revitalization are everywhere. In total, PhilaPort reports combined public and private expenditures topping the $1 billion mark over the last decade. One noteworthy example of this collaboration was the April arrival, at Packer Avenue Marine Terminal (PAMT), of two new, super-post-Panamax Investment, synergy push port potential By John Powers REFINING THE PHILADELPHIA ADVANTAGE In April, PhilaPort welcomed two new super-post-Panamax cranes. PhilaPort

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