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June 25 2018

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Page 41 of 55 FREIGHT PAYMENT SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE 42 The Journal of Commerce | June 25 2018 "Secondly, we offer products and services that go beyond simply processing and paying invoices. We offer a complete managed service from procurement, consulting services to transportation management to advanced analytics. Thirdly, our single processing application differs from many of our competitors who utilize different systems or outsource to another provider, resulting in fragmented data," he said. Pape defined the top service advantages of U.S. Bank — as reported by its clients — as: access to a dedicated, knowledgeable team; rigorous bank-level safety and security standards for their information; and the ability for shippers and customers to connect easily and electronically, ensuring prompt issue resolution and payment. However, he believes the company offers another singular advantage. "The relationship between shippers and carriers is critical and will only become more important as we see capacity continue to tighten," he said. "U.S. Bank Freight Payment is the only provider that offers services specifically designed to improve carrier relationships, efficiency, and cash flow. Whether it's extended term financing, invoice exception resolution, carrier management, or business intelligence, the solution is designed to support strategic supply chain planning and decision making for both parties." CT Logistics is closing in on a centennial, and its status as an industry pioneer brings a comfort level to its clients, Miner explained. With 95 years of experience in the freight audit and payment industry, the company has focused on expanding the professional services group to support its client's supply chain management and TMS needs. "Maintaining leading-edge solutions and software, performing superior industry benchmarking, and offering many expert-level, value-added service products," Miner said, are central to CT Logistics' value proposition. When a governmental regulation in any one location along a global supply chain changes, it has the potential to create many layers of complications that must be navigated quickly and without error. In response to the EU's issuance of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), CTSI-Global rolled out expanded privacy protocols outlining its agreement to store clients' data strictly for supply chain management purposes and guarantee it will not be used in any other way. "Basically, we keep our customers' information in a cocoon," Hazen said. Further on the technology front, CTSI-Global is employing advanced electronic data interchange (EDI) functionality for electronic freight processing, including transmission of both information and images. Additionally, they have implemented a sophisticated- password management system for enhanced security. The company delivers an important value add for shippers in search of motor carrier capacity. "New operator regulations combined with electronic tracking of driver hours have simultaneously created unprecedented demand for trucks and a shortage of drivers. Our ongoing monitoring of available truck resources enables us to put shippers in contact with a carrier who will be able to move their freight timely," Hazen said. For Cass Information Systems, the company's diverse, lengthy experience uniquely qualifies it to individualize shipper-centric platforms, Zygmunt said. "We are the leading provider of freight audit, payment, and business intelligence services, leveraging over 60 years of experience in providing solutions to major corporations having complex transportation payment and information needs. By understanding our customer's critical transportation and accounting processes, we provide customized business intelligence solutions that help create a competitive advantage through reduced costs, increased efficiency, and better decision-making capability. We also offer supply chain finance solutions to enable our customers to better manage their cash flow. Through our other business units, we offer other expense payables solutions such as for utility, telecom, and waste invoice processing," he said. Predictive analytics that will enable a more comprehensive view into supply chains is the area that nVision Global has pegged as "the next big thing." With an eye on possibilities there, the company is investing in data-enhancing technology and analytical tools that provide value beyond the freight audit and payment function. Cass has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), a consortium of industry leaders committed to developing standards and guiding the widespread adoption of blockchain technology in logistics. This has the potential to allow multiple parties in the supply chain to contribute data and share access to a common ledger in a way that prevents any participant from tampering with the integrity of the data. Blockchain developments "could mean that all parties related to a freight move -— from shippers and carriers to software providers and financial partners LEADING GLOBAL FREIGHT audit, payment, and transportation management solutions provider nVision Global Technology Solutions provides the necessary operational business intelligence and analytical tools to create year-over-year verifiable bottom-line savings for its clients. By "partnering" with some of the world's largest multinational companies, nVision Global acts as an extension of their logistics and accounting departments, pro- viding products and services that go beyond simply processing and paying invoices. From our roots as a North American service provider, our customers have come to rely on our prompt, accurate, industry-leading freight audit, payment, and transportation spend management services as well as our state-of-the-art transportation management software and services including, but not limited to, control tower services, procure- ment services, reverse auction and modeling tools among other solutions that allow our customers to better manage their global supply chains. In addition to nVision Global's Corporate Technology Center in Atlanta, Georgia, the company boasts seven corporate-owned, stra- tegically placed, full-service processing centers on three continents. Our global footprint is sup- ported by a worldwide staff of 400 associates; our staff, fluent in more than 22 languages, pro- vides a vast array of transportation management software and services in addition to our global freight audit and payment services for all modes of transportation-related invoices worldwide. With our primary focus on multinational compa- nies, nVision Global caters to a relatively small customer base of 179. During 2018, nVision Global will process in excess of 100 million invoices for approximately $5.2 billion. As your global business partner, nVision Global is poised to provide a true single-source solution with robust technology and flexibility to meet your current requirements, and the foresight to meet your future needs as well. ■ ROBUST TECHNOLOGY, FLEXIBILITY, FORESIGHT TO MEET FUTURE NEEDS

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